Spud the superhero!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm sure you've all seen this guy
He's a lot of fun and kids like playing with him. But  what is his appeal? I mean, after all, he's nothing more than a potato...

There is nothing really cool about a potato, is there?... WRONG! Maybe it's voodoo, maybe I've lost my marbles or maybe it's a mind over matter thing, but potatoes have done something even a visit to the doctor could not do for my daughter. Allow me explain...

My second oldest daughter Paris was plagued with warts since she was five years old. She had a cluster of five on her middle finger, one on her thumb, and one on her index finger. Even one on her ankle, one on her big toe and two on the bottom of her feet. We had the ones on her hand frozen off only for them to come back. I really didn't want to put her through the pain of having them frozen again but I was desperate to find a way to get rid of them since she was very embarrassed about them. Not only that - they hurt her when she played her violin since they would often hit the strings.

So, I asked a friend, "What can I do to get rid of warts naturally?" She replied, "A potato!" I thought she was little loony and decided to google "potato wart remedy," and sure enough, I see a lot of other people talking about using potatoes to get rid of warts! I chopped up some potatoes and put them on her warts and then wrapped them up. We did this every night for about four or five weeks. The warts turned black but never fell off. Discouraged I decided to just stop the treatments and eventually make an appointment with the doctor to have them removed (again).

Three weeks or so have passed and my daughter bounces into my room and exclaims, "Mom, my warts are gone!" Sure enough, every single wart was gone - even the ones I did not treat because they were too difficult to wrap. Every single wart except for the largest is now completely gone. Not even a scar is left as a reminder. The one remaining wart is shriveling up, and I suspect within a week or two it will also vanish along with the others.

After 3 years of trying over the counter garbage and having them frozen, they are finally GONE!

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  1. and just an update since this was posted. Even the largest wart is 100% gone now :)