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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello dear friends and fans! The ole' blog has gotten a little dusty this week and so here I am with my virtual duster. I will brush away the cobwebs, blow away the dust and while I do so, I will invite you to pull up a stool and drink a cup of hot tea while we talk and catch up!

Mostly, I've been too busy to get here to blog. Yes, I know that it is bad that I do not have a bunch of posts lined up for your reading pleasure but this blog tends to follow my life and the things I'm doing. I want it to be fresh and not some old news I have lying around. You all are my friends and that means news as it happens and not last week's tales!

So, having said that...let me just say how crazy my life has been the last couple weeks. In less than a week's time I attended two military funerals for two very amazing men. A great uncle and then an uncle. I can't say that I knew either of them as much as I would have liked but everything I do know tells me that their presence in this life will be greatly missed.

Secondly, my girls had dental visits. I live in a dinky little town and that means driving some distance to take my daughters to a pediatric dentist. It seems as of late all I've done is put gas in the van and hopped in the car to go somewhere!

Then...there's a little thing in life called responsibility. When community and neighbors fail to uphold their responsibilities it unfortunately falls to folks that will. This is particularly true when it comes to pets. While I have already rescued three cats from bad situations, I am once again finding myself in the situation again. Our neighbors have set out a small cat, malnourished and barely more than a kitten herself and she's struggling to nurse four kittens. Thus, Operation-Save-A-Cat (you can thank my daughter for the name) is underway! I cannot bring her in just yet. Her kittens are in a thick underbrush I cannot get to and I cannot abandon them. They will surely die without their mother. So my family and I are feeding mama kitty several times a day until the kittens will come out. I suppose I will have to find homes for the kittens or see if a shelter can take them!

My shop has also kept me a little busy. Retaking pictures has been a goal this week and I'm also busy fine tuning my goal and what our shop means to me. One of the things I want to expand on is offering bookmarks and more book related items as well as doing away with tutus since my girls aren't really into them anymore. This means pulling out all of my fabrics and closets so I can gather all of my tulle and make up a ton of tutus to use it all up. Then will be the process of getting pictures and listing so that I can say goodbye to that time of our life! I'm a little sad that my girls are out of the tutu craze but it's been a fun venture. It's just time to say goodbye!

In other big news, I got some things in the mail this week! A Simply Enchanted Life is SO honored to have a recipe published in Christmas in Apple Ridge. It's a 3 in one novella collection by the very talented Cindy Woodsmall! Getting an autographed book in the mail was such a fantastic surprise and the book nerd in me certainly jumped up and down with joy! If you haven't checked this book out...DO IT! Not only will you get a fantastic story, you'll also get a free soap recipe in the back!

Are you guys bored yet? If you're still reading then...bless you! It's been long and for that I apologize. As if our week wasn't busy enough I've been super busy wrapping up the 600 fan giveaway and announcing the winners as well as planning and contributing to a few other fantastic giveaways! Be sure to click the "giveaway" link from my blog to see other fantastic prizes you can win.

With all we've had going on I am sure you think I've had absolutely NO free time, that isn't entirely true. Late at night after the kids have crashed, I've also been occupying some time with books as well as a game I've finally had the time to buy. I'd been saving up for it forever and finally had the opportunity to pick it up. I've stolen a few moments here and there to play although, I haven't had the time I would like to have to be a total bum and put in hours of play!.

So what's on my shelf right now? I'm juggling several books and have two on my "to read" list! YIPES! Here's the down low on the reading situation...
All three books are keeping me fairly busy. I picked up Inheritance from the Library so I'm on a deadline. With only one copy at our county library I cannot renew it as there is a waiting list so I have to get my butt in gear and finish it! Two Towers is taking me forever to read this year. I've had so many deadlines and books lined up that I keep pushing it aside. Lastly, my Bible reading is almost finished (early) for the year! I'm in the very last book and should be finished this week!

After all of that you would think I haven't had time for anything else, right? Not exactly. As a homeschooling mom I have been super busy teaching my five munchkins and today we took a trip to Carrigan Farms with our church homeschool group!

So that was my week in a nutshell! I think I've earned a well deserved evening off! I might curl up and read for an hour or so and then catch up on Once Upon A Time or Merlin episodes. Btw, I'm giving away virtual pie to the persons that made it all the way through this long rambling and unedited mess of a blog entry!

Feel free to share what you've been busy with this week and link me to your blogs!

Thanks for Reading!

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