Empress Kel-My Guild Wars Bio

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In honor of my new character in Guild Wars 2 I decided to post my bio for my main character on Guild Wars 1.

Name: Unknown
Alias:Empress Kel
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Wizard's Folly

Empress was born in Wizard's Folly. Her parents were gypsies that entertained at Foible's Fair. Outcasts of Ascalon for offenses of their ancestors, they strove to simulate the powers of those surrounding them with smoke and mirrors but lacked the true power of their fellow man. They struggled to find their place in the world with the burden and weight of condemnation, for they believed the gods had condemned them and left them powerless.

Empress lived this life of shame and condemnation along with her parents and siblings. She was a strikingly odd child who often did not fit in even with her family. Due to a rare genetic anomaly she felt she was cursed with pale skin, purple eyes and hair. Try as she might, life was just not easy for Empress and she never felt like she truly fit in. However, things changed for Empress upon the discovery of her powers. Her parents made arrangements for her to be trained by an elite elementalist and gave their life savings to buy her the appropriate attire and equipment. Some of which included a rare Destroyer Staff of fortitude which they lovingly bestowed upon their daughter. They also immediately thanked the gods for their daughter's new found power, for to them this was their salvation, their redemption.

Before the time came for Empress to move to the temple for instruction the charr invaded. Racing home on that fateful day she grabbed her staff and, muttering prayers under her breath, she called for fire from the heavens. Boulders and meteors crashed to the earth. A frightened and panicked little girl with no knowledge or control over her powers watched as fire and brimstone rained on her loved ones. One by one her family fell and then she too was injured, nearly unto death.

When she awoke she was a prisoner, taken along with Gwen by the Charr. Why she was taken and not killed became apparent very quickly. A charr maiden had won the heart of her beloved charr warrior. She longed for a cub but many years had passed and this aging charress had not been able to produce a child for her beloved. She was sad and lonely. Her beloved laid eyes on Empress, an unusual example of her species and took pity, taking her home as a gift for his beloved charr wife. Someone she could nurse and take care of and perhaps have a sense of purpose. If nothing else this child could be a helper for her, a slave if you will. The charress nursed Empress back to health and a loving parental relationship blossomed between the two. Empress had been so mortally wounded that very little memories of her real family remained. Only the guilt of watching them burn by her own hands. The beloved and his wife loved Empress and quickly the charr village was calling for this unheard of relationship to be put to a stop. When the beloved and his wife refused to surrender their adopted daughter they were murdered.

Fear and hatred swelled in Empress' heart. For the second time in her life she was alone and her family taken from her. Having fully harnessed the power of the elements, she killed many charr before escaping into the wilderness.

At that point in her life she met the love of her life. The man that would become her husband and along with him she joined up with a motley crowd known as the Ecliptic Phoenix. It was at this time in her life that she was also bestowed the name Empress. With no recollection of her real name her loving husband affectionately began to call her Empress for her fiery temper and ability to take command of almost any situation.

Restlessly working for her redemption and relief from the guilt and pain that clouded her, life led Empress through the lands of Tyria and Cantha, fighting the Mursaat and the forces of Shiro. However pain and guilt still plagued her life and she began to question the gods. As her struggle with faith and her belief in the gods continued, her guild and those around her begin to push her away and eventually Phoenix disbanded.

After much turmoil, Empress realized that there is one true God and the fellowship with a new guild with like minded individuals signify the change in Empress' heart. She continued to grow in her new faith and forging new friendships within the Signet of the Lion.

She and her husband were sent on a mission to Kamadan where they eventually settled and adopted an orphaned set of twins named Shayera and Akira. Both of whom are accomplished rangers and carrying on in the footsteps of their mother and father.

Currently Empress is working deep undercover out of the Eye of the North and has changed her appearance as to not stick out in a crowd. Her life continues...an open journal still waiting to be written.

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