Tantalizing and yet Tasteful: A Review of Lilly's Wedding Quilt

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lilly's Wedding Quilt (Patch of Heaven, #2)Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long

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Lilly’s Wedding Quilt is book two in in the Patch of Heaven series by Kelly Long. I have enjoyed this series so much that I devoured the first three books in just a few days’ time. I am really hoping that there will be more books in the series. Kelly Long has a way of drawing you in with her vivid writing. It is, in my opinion, a little more spine tingling in the romance department. However, it isn’t trashy. It is very tasteful and yet deliciously enticing. It is the right amount of romance with enough reserve so that it is still wholesome.

Sarah is getting married to Grant Williams and Jacob is completely shattered. When he finds himself a victim of a gunshot wound, it is the local school teacher that cares for him and shelters him from possible arrest. While covering up for Jacob, the community demands an answer to his whereabouts. Lilly takes a stand and announces to the community that he was with her. The problem is—this means people will now question both Jacob and Lilly’s reputation. Knowing this, Jacob steps in with a marriage proposal for Lilly and though she knows that he still loves Sarah—she accepts. Lilly has loved Jacob for years but he always had his eyes on Sarah. She is determined to make Jacob love her and though he has feelings for someone else; he takes his marriage vows seriously and with God’s help begins a journey of finding love with Lilly.

Lilly understands Jacob on a level he never thought possible. She understands what he responds to and starts to chip at the the icy exterior he has built over his heart. Honestly, the romance in this book was spine-tingling. Jacob has to be one of my new book crushes. Holy WOW! He is one deliciously written book character. I nearly wanted to step inside the pages and steal him away from Lilly! Sarah was a fool for giving up this gem! Although, Lilly is a much better fit for him. If you like Amish romance and wanted a little something more tantalizing and yet tasteful, this is the book to read!

I did think that some of the things in this book might be a little off for an Amish community but I still enjoyed it. I was able to overlook the few things that I thought were probably a bit inaccurate. Overall though, masterfully written and alive with emotion. This is going on my favorites shelf!
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Kelly Long is the author of Sarah's Garden, the first novel in the Patch of Heaven series. She was born and raised in the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania. She’s been married for nearly 25 years and has five children.

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