Remembering and Making a Difference!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It is October again and once again I am taking the time out to honor and remember my little angels.

 In the past year since my missed miscarriage I have had the opportunity to meet many women who have endured similar losses or even worse; they have endured third trimester losses.

 I have listened to their stories and they have comforted me as I dealt with mine. I also had an opportunity to share my thoughts on how to respond to others who are dealing with a loss.

My journey has also caught the attention of other bloggers who shared information with me about a public awareness campaign called Count the Kicks and it is my hope to not only provide some comfort and do something good for a much needed organization but to also share some news that may save lives!!!

In 1988 President Ronald Regan proclaimed October the month to bring awareness to Pregnancy and Infant loss.

October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day passed by the United States House of Representatives on September 28, 2006. In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, it is suggested that grieving parents light a candle at 7 p.m. in their respective time zones to create a wave of light around the world in memory of babies lost to pregnancy and infant loss.

In 2009 I experienced my first loss. I was right at 6-7 weeks pregnant and the loss was devastating. In August of this year I once again found myself the mother of an angel. I delivered my Evenstar on August 27th at 16weeks 3 days. His or her heart had stopped at 12 weeks. I will always love and cherish all of my children, including the ones that have went on to heaven before me.

I am sharing these little sculptures in honor of my babies and in honor of all the lost babies and their families. 100% of the proceeds from these sculptures will be donated to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (nilmdts). A ministry to provide remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture.

These little babies are 100% handmade. Therefore they may slightly vary from the picture shown. You may choose to have the baby mounted to an alligator clip for little ones that desire to remember their lost sibling or I can mount it to a lapel pin. Clips will be fully lined and a slip grip for fine hair can be added at no additional charge. Please leave a message for me via buyer's comment if you would like the no-slip grip attached.

Your sculpted baby will come packaged in a jewelry box to protect it during shipping.

You can purchase and support this cause by clicking here

**Babies with a gender neutral blanket will be added soon as well as more skin-tone selections**

October 15th, 2013 officially marks International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, a day of remembrance for pregnancy loss and infant death which includes miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or the death of a newborn. The National Institute of Health estimates 26,000 stillbirths out of the 4 million births per year in the United States, meaning one in every 160 births results in a stillborn. These statistics can change dramatically with your help!

After learning that Norway had effectively reduced its stillbirth rates by one-third by conducting a public health campaign on kick counting, five Des Moines-area moms who each lost babies to late-term stillbirth or infant death founded a non-profit organization called Healthy Birth Day with the goal of preventing stillbirths and infant deaths through research, education and advocacy. In 2009, the non-profit launched a statewide public health campaign in Iowa called Count the Kicks to prevent late-term birth complications and stillbirths, urging parents to contact their health care providers immediately if they notice significant changes in their babies’ movements. Scientific studies indicate kick counting (a daily record of a baby’s movements, kicks, rolls, punches, and jabs) during the third trimester is an easy, free and reliable way to monitor a baby’s well-being in addition to regular prenatal visits.

Stillbirth and infant death may be a sensitive subject, but spreading awareness WILL help prevent the loss of more lives. To join the movement, start by visiting and liking the Count the Kicks Facebook page:

4 Responses to “Remembering and Making a Difference!”

  1. Kristin I am beyond awed by your strength and courage in sharing this. I had no idea that the kick counts I hear about sometimes could save lives; thank you for getting the word out there. This topic comes really close to home for me as I am in my ninth month of my second pregnancy. Sending you a virtual hug :D

  2. Wishing you much love and a happy safe and healthy delivery!!! ♥

  3. I have been struggling this month as my Asher I would of still been carrying right about now. :-(

  4. You know that you're in my love and prayers (hugs)