My Week in Review 4/26-5/3

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My goodness! I’m finally coming up with the time to write my week in review. I really should call it “weeks in review” because I didn’t have a chance to write about last week.

Life has been a whirlwind as of late! Music rehearsals for the girl’s recital this month, trying to get our house listed, orthotic fittings, therapy, trips to Charlotte and a little bit of everything else has kept me on my toes.

In fact, I’ve fallen to one book behind schedule on my reading as well because I’ve just not had the time to sit down for two seconds to read!

So, let me update right fast and share that Ms. Kahlan got her orthotics! She’s doing absolutely fantastic with them. She’s up to about 3-4 hours a day in them. By the end of the month she should be in them pretty much all the time. It’s just taking time to get her used to them.

Prue had her checkup in Charlotte this week over her residual pneumonia. For the first time in 14 weeks she has a clear chest xray! We’re so excited about that. Nothing beats a healthy kiddo!

What else… lots of work in the house. I’ve been steaming the floors. I really hate carpet; let me tell ya…eventually I will have a house that has zero carpet through it. A throw rug is fine but carpet is something that I really hate.

I have gotten in some photography practice since my last update. I also started setting up a website for when I am ready to start offering packages. Here are a few favorites since my last update.

Anyway, here it is 10:30 pm and I’m just now writing this review because I spent my Saturday evening in the E.R. with Priya. Turned our back for one second and the kids got the bright idea to try to close the gate on the trailer that my father in law was unloading. Needless to say, it slipped from tiny hands and landed on a tiny foot. Thank God it isn’t broken!

Signing off for the night—heading to bed just completely exhausted and hopeful that next week isn’t quite as, umm…chaotic.

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  1. That's not cheesy! I'm sure it is hard to get everything in there without writing a novel sometimes ;) Praise the Lord for no more pneumonia for Prue! I agree with you about carpet :p Thank goodness Priya's foot is okay too.