Review: The Revelation

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Revelation
The Revelation by Beverly Lewis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Revelation is the final chapter in the Abram's Daughters series. A very suspenseful conclusion, I must say! All secrets came out in this book, including one you may have already suspected but will still be shocked to read. We see how deceit and lies of one person can effect the lives of an entire family or community. When Jonas and Jake return home, they're essentially kicked out of their home by their dad. He has so much hate and animosity in his heart that his life has spiraled out of control. All because of hidden secrets that are now being fleshed out in the open.

Jake and Lydiann are both coming to terms with the fact that they will never be able to love each other as a couple. It's this turn of events however that open new relationships between Jake and his birth mother, Sadie. For Sadie, it is the answer to her prayers and is mending the ache that has been ever present in her heart. A void she thought would never be filled is mending with the power of revelation and her heart is finding a peace she never thought would be possible. She's also finding love again in a widower and finally, all seems to be well with Abram's oldest daughter.

Things are still up in the air for Jonas and Leah. The bishop of the district has taken an immense dislike to Jonas and the Ebersols and he is determined to do what he must to keep them apart. He has made Jonas' return and "Proving" period to be much longer than deemed necessary by anyone in the church district. The Proving is a time period for wayward church members to transition back into the fold and prove they intend to stick to their commitment to the church. He has decided to make things difficult for Jonas and you may be shocked to find out why that is. And even more surprised at the slightly tragic solution to this predicament! I won't say how everything wrapped up as to not spoil the story, but you won't be disappointed!

I loved the conclusion to this series. I truly did! I was especially giddy over how things turned out for Sadie. Though she was not the main character in this story, I was really rooting for her! Honestly, the Ebersol family felt real. They had good times and a lot of bad times but at the end of the day they were still a family who loved and cared about one another. As I knew I would though, I am a little sad that the series is over but I also look forward to picking up another series by the very talented author, Beverly Lewis

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