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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arms Of Love
Arms Of Love by Kelly Long

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Arms Of Love is the first book I have read by Kelly Long and I must say that I really enjoyed it! This book is set in the Revolutionary Pennsylvania and touches on the persecution that the Amish endured at the hands of both the Patriots and the British.

The main characters in the story are Adam Wyse, a troubled young man with a dark past and Lena Yoder, the love of his life. Adam, though he is troubled, is an honorable and caring man who is loved and admired by Lena's mother, Mary. Though she cares for Adam deeply, she worries about the welfare of her daughter if she should move into the Wyse home, as is the tradition of a young Amish couple. Adam's father is very abusive of him and Lena was an unfortunate witness to a brutal beating of Adam. Mary is fearful that Lena may also be subject to abuse if Adam were to continue to live in the home and she makes Adam swear a vow to her as she is on her deathbed that he will leave Lena until he can afford to build his own home. Adam agrees as he fears for his own sanity. He is plagued by nightmares that he can't explain and is missing gaps in his early childhood.

Lena's father has been imprisoned by the Patriots for refusing to surrender their last cow that the family needed for milk and Adam is determined to help him. However, Samuel sees a darkness in Adam and he is determined to let it be known that he wants Adam to leave his daughter alone. So, reluctantly, Adam breaks things off with Lena. At the urging of her father (and to the meddling of Adam's father) Lena agrees to marry Adam's brother, Isaac.

Adam is desperate to find out the reason behind his father's hate for him and also to find a resolution to his own violent desires and tendencies as well as a reprise from the horrible nightmares that haunt him. In doing so he wishes to fulfill the promise he has made to Lena's mother and hopefully win back the heart of his one true love.

This story was filled with raw emotion and even passion which I found very refreshing for a christian romance novel. I'm in no means saying it was raunchy but it was nice to see real characters that strongly desired and longed for each other. It gave a realistic human element to the story that made it very easy to connect with the characters.

I will be looking into other novels written by this author in the future!

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