Why our soaps are safe for baby and why we do not offer specific "baby soap"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is a fantastic question that someone just asked! "Are all of your soaps safe for babies? I have a friend looking for natural soap to use on her little one :)"

I'd like to address this here separately as I do have a stance on soap and little ones. All of our soaps are very gentle and are safe for your little ones. Even the ones containing fragrance oil are much milder than commercial baby soap you will find in the store.

HOWEVER My personal preference and stance is to make my customers aware of all of the ingredients so that you can best make decisions on what to buy for your little ones. My personal suggestion to mom's with little ones to use only my soaps that are scented with essential oils or oatmeal and honey.

I personally do not use artificial fragrances on my own children and this is the reason I do not offer fragrances such as a children's bedtime bath using artificial fragrances like you would find in the stores. If you're looking for a great alternative to a "bedtime bath" I would suggest the lavender bar for example.

As I do not use artificial fragrance on my children and this is very important to me, you will never see a bar of soap listed in my shop that is marketed for children and using artificial fragrance like "baby lotion"

Rather, you will see that all of my soaps list the ingredients and whether they use essential oils or fragrance oils. Again, my suggestion is to pick those with essential oils for your little ones or a moisturizing bar such as Oatmeal and Honey.

I hope this answers any questions folks may have about our soaps and if they're safe for little ones!

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