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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers, #1)The Journey by Wanda E. Brunstetter

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The Journey is part one in the Kentucky Brothers series by Wanda E. Brunstetter and follows the story of Titus Fisher as he is the first of the brothers to relocate from Pennsylvania to Christian County, Kentucky.

When our story begins, Titus is a heartbroken young man who is trying to get over his long time love who has decided to leave their Amish community and live among the English. He is so heartbroken that he decides to leave his home and Pennsylvania so that he may distance himself from anything that reminds him of Phoebe. He is also determined to prove to himself and to his parents that he can be a responsible and upstanding member of the family and in the faith.

Once he arrives in Christian County he meets an interesting young lady by the name of Suzanne Yoder. Unfortunately, Suzanne reminds him of Phoebe, the girl who broke his heart and he refuses to get to know Suzanne or give her a chance. To be honest, he is downright rude to the poor girl. Instead he focuses attention on work and on Suzanne's best friend, Esther.

As time passes, Titus begins to realize that perhaps Esther isn't the girl for him and he starts to notice that even though Suzanne bears a resemblance to his old flame, that is where the similarities end. Where Phoebe was self-centered and focused on her desires and wants--Suzanne lives for others and focuses on what God wants for her life.

Just as the couple began to get close, Phoebe shows up and threatens to destroy everything. Titus must learn to seek God and then how to follow His will.

"...the hardships we experience and the trials we face here on earth will teach us to trust more in God. For the weaker we feel, the harder we'll lean on Him." -p.141

When tragedy strikes this message resounds even louder and becomes all the more clear to us. We can't know why bad things happen. We just have to trust that God has it all in his hands and if we turn things over to Him--He will guide our paths.

I loved this book and I am loving this series. The characters are so easy to relate to and they feel very real and fleshed out. These are characters you can connect with and leave you wanting to read more!

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