My Week in Review 3/23-3/29

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I’ve come to the point in my blogging where I want to start connecting with my readers rather than being a faceless reviewer. In this new series of blog posts, I want to start offering an update of my week, share what I’m reviewing, and what is going on with life.

If you follow my blog at all you’ll notice that it’s been a slow blogging week. Life has been rather chaotic with three doctor’s appointments with my children, therapy sessions for Kahlan (my three year old) as well as an evaluation for orthodics, in addition to violin lessons for the two older girls.

In terms of reading, this has been the slowest week for me this year due to my busy schedule. I managed to finish only one book. I started in on another but, I’ve only made it to 6% so far.

First up, Guardian of the Flame by Tracy Higley. I finished this and will put up the review soon. I simply haven’t had time!

The year is 48 BC. Sophia, a woman hurt by past loss, guards the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt, in order to hide herself away from a world she deems cruel and unloving. But there is no escape. Political turmoil swells as Roman general Julius Caesar and his legion storm the city, and Cleopatra, Greek queen of Egypt , fights to retain her country against both Caesar and bloodthirsty rivals within her own household. Sophia is caught in the middle between a loyalty to Cleopatra and her maddening interest in Bellus, the Roman soldier whom Caesar has instructed to overtake the lighthouse.

Last night I started in on Gift of the Phoenix
by Donna Cook. I haven’t made it far so, I’m not yet sure how it’ll be.

A prince is murdered.

An island sinks into the sea.

A thousand-year-old ritual foretells great evil.

A nation’s fate rests in the hands of three strangers, thrust together by their common destiny to protect the Phoenix, and their world, from destruction. The Three must learn to unite in spite of what separates them, and unlock the magic of three stones that seem to harm as much as they help.

Their journey leads through unexpected doors. Along the way they encounter a cursed people, a haunting vision, a woman on the run.

It all begins and ends with the gift of the Phoenix.

Products that I’m reviewing very soon and am in the process of trying…

I enjoyed a cup today and plan to share my review as well as a favorite coffee recipe to go with it in the upcoming week.

Starbucks Blond Roast

These are decidedly mellow.

Starbucks has reimagined how to bring a lighter taste to our coffees. Our 40 year history of sourcing, roasting, and blending the highest quality coffee in the world allowed us to create a recipe that yields a great-tasting, perfectly balanced cup of light roast coffee. This is Starbucks first true light roast coffee. The name “Starbucks® Blonde Roast” reflects our roasting artistry and indicates a coffee that is light bodied and flavorful – our easiest-drinking coffee.

Then, my daughter is testing Hazelaid Dark Cherry and Turquoise Baltic Amber. She was recently diagnosed with Asthma and I’d heard that the cherry and turquoise relieves asthma symptoms. I’m also pleased to announce that in the upcoming week, I’ll be hosting a giveaway with Hazelaid and sharing coupon codes with my readers!

USE: Effective for teething, drooling, and other pain relief. Must be placed directly on the skin. We recommend moving necklaces to the upper leg during naps and at night for very young children. Baltic amber is meant to be worn, NOT chewed!

As far as life goes,

I’ve spent my week working in our home. We’re in the process of listing our current house and we think we’ve found the home we want to make an offer on. With six kids, we’ve simply outgrown our current home.

 Remember all the doctor visits I mentioned? Well, my eight year old, Prue, has had pneumonia for ten staggering weeks! While we’ve seen an improvement, she still has residual pneumonia. We have to drive a couple hours away to see a Pulmonologist in the upcoming week or so.

Arie had a wellcheck this week. Since we don’t vaccinate (due to reactions in two of my other children), we haven’t been in a while and my doctor is fine with that. We space out the visits as to not expose her to unnecessary germs. Little miss is six months old. She is up to 27” and is 14lbs 8oz. She’s a little thing! Long and skinny but perfectly healthy! She’s learning to crawl, enjoys bathtime, is still exclusively breastfed and recently learned to say, “Hi.”

Kahlan had an evaluation for orthodics this week, in addition to her therapy. She had club feet when she was born, we were told that it would correct itself but she has turned to severe intoeing which results in her falling...a lot. In a recent evaluation we were told that she has the physical capabilities of a 33month old, despite being 43 months of age.

I'd hoped for better news but was told that she needs the orthodics and continued therapy to correct the problem. Her problem is quite severe and they hold out hope for about a 50% improvement. The hope is to correct her clumsy tendencies and improve her quality of movement.

In addition to everything else I have going on, I’m learning a new skill—photography. I got my very first DSLR in December and my good friend from Danielle Cordeau Photography has been encouraging me as I learn to work the manual settings. I’ve a long way to go but I am getting more comfortable with it!

That was pretty much my week. If you made it through this long post—thank you! I would love to hear about your week!

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