Review of 'When the Heart Cries' by Cindy Woodsmall

Friday, August 15, 2014

When the Heart Cries (Sisters of the Quilt, #1)When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall

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Suggested Age: 18+
Genre:Amish Fiction, Christian Fiction

This is my second time reading this book and I loved it every bit as much as I did the first time. This series is the reason I fell in love with Amish fiction and especially with Cindy Woodsmall's writings.

When The Heart Cries is one of those gut wrenching books that you really need to keep an open mind about. Reading about violence against women can be offensive to some readers and I completely understand that. However, we can learn a lot about forgiveness and how to cope with our own trials when we read fiction.

I’ve learned so much from Hannah. She’s a character that has stayed with me since my very first time reading this series in 2010. She is an absolute delight and is both heartwarming and wise beyond her years. I thank Mrs. Woodsmall for giving me the pleasure of reading all of her works and for touching my life with every book that I have read of hers.

Hannah was raised Old-Order Amish but she desires freedom from the rigid rules and regulations of her community.

At seventeen years old, she’s also found the man she wants to marry, Paul. The problem is, Paul is Mennonite and Hannah’s family doesn’t approve of her leaving the church or community. The young couple is determined to win her family’s approval and Hannah has promised to wait for Paul as he finishes his college courses.

On the day that Paul leaves to return to school—a life changing tragedy befalls Hannah. This one single event will change Hannah’s life forever as well as her family and her community’s opinion of her.

The fear of losing Paul and the burden of shame and guilt persuades Hannah to keep her deepest secret hidden for as possible. When she is no longer able to hide the terrible truth; Hannah is forced to make a decision. Will she stay in her community, shamed and broken, or leave her old life behind in search of a brighter future?
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Cindy Woodsmall is a New York Times best-selling author who has written six novels, three novellas, and Plain Wisdom, a work of nonfiction coauthored with her dearest Old Order Amish friend, Miriam Flaud. She’s been featured on ABC Nightline and the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and has worked with National Geographic on a documentary concerning Amish life.

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  1. Seriously your not helping my tbr pile I almost need to know what happens now!

  2. This series is a must read! Working on book two review sometime tomorrow :)