Review of "Tortured for Christ" by Richard Wurmbrand

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tortured for ChristTortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand

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Suggested Age:17+ Genre:Memoirs, Non-Fiction
 This story a heart wrenching look into the depravity of the hearts of men and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.   'Neither prison nor torture can frighten the Christians of the Underground Church.'

This is a heart wrenching tale of persecution. Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian minister that spent fourteen years in communist prisons.

As a young man, Wurmbrand had no belief in God and was interested in communism himself. He went on to study Marxism in his adolescence.

Wurmbrand married in 1936 and in 1938, he and his wife were converted to Christianity. Wurmbrand was ordained twice—once as an Angelican and then again as a Lutheran sometime after World War 2.

This book tells of his time in the communist prisons. He spent eight years in one prison, was released and then returned to prison when he failed to cut his ties with the Underground Church. His wife also was imprisoned and his son was left to wander the streets as it was a punishable crime to help the families of someone who was incarcerated.

This book delves into the depravity of mankind and into the treatment that these Christians faced. Some of the horrors that they faced were hard to even fathom and it was difficult to read.

To endure the things that this man went through and still find love for his persecutors speaks volumes about the Love of Christ in this man’s heart.

If you are wavering in your faith and want to see what truly selling out to God can get you through—this is a book that I would suggest.

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Richard Wurmbrand (March 24, 1909 – February 17, 2001) was a Romanian Christian minister of Jewish descent. He was a youth during a time of anti-Semitic activity in Romania, but it was later, after becoming a believer in Jesus Christ as Messiah, and daring to publicly say that Communism and Christianity were not compatible, that he experienced imprisonment and torture for his beliefs.

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  1. This was such a inspirational book. Glad you reviewed it. : )

    1. Yes, I had to spread the word! My heart broke and was uplifted at the same time. Oh to have such love for Him!