My Week in Review 1/11/15-1/18/15

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Arie singing at the piano

Who’s crazy enough to read another week in review? If you choose to do so—I'm sorry, you get to hear my rambling on my week which was just as chaotic as the last. 

Kahlan chilling out with her favorite Lalaloopsy
Okay, first up was our Monday which of course started at our music lessons. Nothing particularly report worth but I decided to mention it because I found out that my daughter is ready to move up to a new piano book! She’s only been taking lessons for four months so I’m happy and proud of her!   Nothing makes a mama happier than to see her little ones excel at something they love!

Tuesday I had my seven year old to the doctor.  With Kahlan and Arie’s problems with their legs, their gait and etc, I wanted to get my seven year old looked at.  Kahlan has already been diagnosed with hypermobility and low and behold I find out my seven year old is also effected. Of course this isn’t a surprise to me as I’m starting to suspect a connective tissue disorder but I was completely sideswiped with the news that her left foot is flat and that she’s going to need to see a podiatrist very soon…great.  I’m just ready for answers. We need them.  I am starting to read up a lot on EDS and a lot of the stuff just makes sense.  Of course I’m not relying on google to diagnose us but I just hope that we find some answers soon!

Wednesday wasn’t just our therapy day but I also had a Bakery Bunch challenge to complete.  The Bakery Bunch is a street team that I belong to for Amy Clipston. So, we went to the library after therapy and something special happened.

Kahlan was gifted a Curious George by the librarian and the whole thing was just so sweet.
Kahlan had picked out eight curious George books and a movie while we were there.  We went to check them out and the librarian asked, "Can I give her a gift?" and I told her, "Sure!"
She explained that twenty years ago she had bought this title for her sister who was expecting.  Her niece was born and loved Curious George. It was her favorite book. She was a blond little girl and now she’s all grown up.
So, when the library decided to remove this title from their shelves, the librarian had purchased it and has been looking for a little girl to give it to. 

When Kahlan came through the line with all of those Curious George books and her blond hair—she knew that the book was meant to go to her.   

This story and book will be treasured for a very long time, I know.  I know this will be something special for Kahlan to keep and maybe give to her own children one day!

Whew, up to Thursday! We finally got a call about getting x-rays for Kahlan and Arie!  We got those taken care of and now I’m waiting on pins and needles for the call to say they’ve been read.   I wish I had something more to report about this but I’m waiting for news myself!

Friday I picked up my niece so that she could spend the weekend with us and I’ve had the pleasure of introducing her to Smallville! I do have all ten seasons sitting on my shelf.  This dear girl, she should have been my child.  Every time she visits she gets just a bit geekier.  Oh! That reminds me! This beautiful coat came in the mail this week!!!  Yes, I’m totally wearing it everywhere. I’ve been on proverbial cloud nine—the one all the geeks congregate on.
photo credits: Faye Tality Couture

Saturday my inlaws came over and put down flooring in my daughter’s room. I wish we’d had money to paint the walls before the floor went down but ehh, we’ll get to it at some point.   Look at all the pretty books on her shelf. Ah, like mother, like daughter.  She’s already letting her daddy know that he needs to build her “hidden bookshelf doors” over her closet.  I love it! I love having a reader for a daughter.

Anyway, that’s pretty much my week. I didn’t get to go to church today since Kahlan spiked a fever of 102 and had a few blisters on her throat. I guess tomorrow I’ll get to kick off my week in the doctor’s office—great.

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