DIY Projects: Repurposed Shoe Cubby

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So, I had this crazy idea to make myself an actual studio and my oldest daughter, who is finally getting her own room after sharing one with two of her sisters for the last ten years, has graciously offered me one corner in her brand spankin' new bedroom that she's moving into!

I am a self-diagnosed ADD crafter and I have a crazy amount of supplies. One of the items I have in abundance is acrylic paints. As I've been reinventing my house I've gotten rid of a lot of furniture. Many of the items I have started re-purposing and one of the items has been a shoe cubby. The cubbies are small and not very effective for anything but toddler and preschooler's shoes. I had thought about donating to Goodwill until I came across thisidea from Pinterest and a lightbulb went off!

At first I had lamented at not having a crate to store my own paints until I remembered that I had a shoe cubby in the giveaway pile! I quickly ran down to the basement and picked up my shoe cubby. After cleaning all of the crayon marks that my lovely little demons had decided to decorate with, plopped it up onto my desk, and started piling in the paints. Now I have my very own organized paint cubby!

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