Product Review: The Fizzy Pop Collection

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love candles and I was super excited to get a box of tea light candles to sample from The Fizzy Pop Collection. The Fizzy Pop Collection is a relatively new Work-At-Home business selling handmade candles but don't let this scare you! The candles are absolutely fantastic!

Today I am burning "Amish Harvest" and in the words of my mother "We need this is a extra large candle that will last forever!" My entire kitchen and dining room is filled with wonderful fragrance coming from just 3 little tea lights! I absolutely cannot wait to try the other fragrances. If you're looking for candles that have a better throw than Glade or cheap Walmart candles and more affordable than Yankee Candles, I strongly suggest The Fizzy Pop Collection! I am also excited to say that TFPC and I are hard at work on some special holiday collaborations that will be in limited supply so be on the look out in the very near future!

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